Managing Data throughout Its Lifecycle

When faced with the challenge of organizational data growth, simply adding additional storage doesn’t resolve the problem.

Not all data is created equal.
Only by looking at organizational data throughout its lifecycle - from creation, movement, storage, archiving and retrieval - can you make sense of data and storage in a way that reduces cost, complexity and risk.

Indigo Computer Consultancy storage and data management solutions
look at how you can optimize the storage, retrieval, backup and recovery of your data to ensure business continuity, compliance and the rapid delivery of information to the business.

Our Services

Indigo Computer Consultancyoffers a comprehensive suite of solutions and services to help you optimize and simplify your storage and data environment.

  • Data Management
  • Storage Management
  • Business Continuity

Because your data is unique and one size doesn’t fit all, each solution is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Find out more about Indigo Computer Consultancy storage and data management services:

  • Data Profiler Assessment
  • Storage Assessment
  • Data Minimization Service
  • Backup and Recovery Assessment